How Technology Can Improve Your Events


Proper management of event is what every event planner aims to achieve. Task such inviting people for the event, securing and preparing the venue of the event, keeping track of attendees, attendee’s satisfaction among other things are the necessary tasks that every event planner must do.

To this end, planners often spend most of their time on paperwork and documentation. However, with the advent of new technology, planners can now largely minimize time spent on paperwork by removing the manual process in event planning. From the initial process of sending out invites, to the last stage of feedback, event management technology could be of great help.

However, despite the foray of technology into the field of event management, many planners still have misgivings about the use of event management technology. One of their fears is that the technology might be too sophisticated to use and therefore investing in it will be unnecessary.

But among other things, event management technology will help planner to sufficiently reduce the time spent on the manual processes and free up time which could be used for other things. This means events planners can now get more done even with lesser time by the use of technology.

This software can also be used to track the responses of invites so as to adequately prepare for them. Moreover, this software can be used to create website for events and thereby provide a centre where information and updates about the event could be got. Furthermore, the best place to make your presence known in our world today is the social media. This is because whatever is trending on social media becomes visible to millions of people around the world. Therefore, event planners could make use of the event management technology to harmonize information and updates relating to the event and display this on the website created for the event.

Mobile apps are also another tool that event management planners can make use of. Planners can take the advantage of mobile phones and create app to allow for seamless flow of information and updates about the event for the attendees. This app can be built to contain all the information found on the event website. The mobile app built for the purpose of the event can also be used for advertisement by the event sponsors.

Finally, event management technology can also be applied to after-event analysis, where the level of success of the event is measured. Request could be made for feedback from the attendees of the event using the event management tool, and this could help determine the level of satisfaction of attendees which would lead to further improvement in subsequent events.

Drones Buying Guide: Reviews, Tips & Info

Ever wonders how photographers and videographers tend a have a shot from the air and shoot almost the whole shot of a street or a particular area? They probably don’t fly around taking a camera and shoot the whole scene or take a photo so accurate! What do they use? Or how do they do it? and also looking for cheap & best drones in 300 dollars. Photographers and videographers use a drone with the help of which they can take the perfect shot as they want and can impress the audience and can create an impact on the movies; photo or probably who can get their eyes on it.

What are drones?

Drones are the remote control small aircraft that can help you take the shots from the air. Most of the Ariel shots are taken with the help of drones. Mostly used in making videos and also photographs. There are also few drones which have a camera already installed in it while others need to install the camera and then make the gadget fly in the air and start the shoot as you want it. The advancement in the technology also allows you to control drones with the help of your android and IOS apps which also tend to provide excellent service. There are few drones like: -

  • DJI Mavic Air
  • Ryze Tello
  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro
  • Parrot BEBOP 2 FPV pack
  • Parrot Mambo FPV

These are few of the best drones types available in the market. Though each of these drones has a special speciality that makes them different from each other and videographers tend to use them as per their need or the need of the shot. Best drones qualities are determined by the camera they use with resolution and also the lens and the area they cover along with the accessibility of its control by the controller.

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Best Games Like Super Smash Flash 2 Unblocked

Want to know about the other super smash flash 2 games that are most similar to this. Then you simply check below and see the best unblocked games that are likely to the Super smash flash 2 unblocked.

Most of the games that are played in online are very good and can be played easily too. In this case we can say that all the games are easy to play. Some of the games may attract the user with different level. So we are providing the best such games that are easy to play and grabs the attention of players.

Shoot terrorists in! This smart adventure game engages you in urban battles. During the training round, you will learn how to aim, shoot, and hide from enemies. Go to war in an office building, an old factory, or a train station! is one of our selected .io Games.

Get On Top

Jump, push, and pull to get on top of another fighter! In this two-player game, your mission is to knock down your opponent's ground. You can change your weight backwards, forward, and upwards. Do not let your back touch the ground! Get On Top is one of our selected 2 Player Games.

Super Smash Flash 2

Super Smash Flash has had this great update after 3 years. New improvements in the fighting! Enjoy this version of the famous game Super Smash Bros. Choose new characters from the world of video games and comics and participate in a wrestling tournament. Game for one or two players.

Shoot Monster

Shoot all the monsters that cross your path and protect your life from the attack of the most terrifying creatures! Recharge your weapon every time you run out of bullets and prove you are the best shooter of all time. Have fun!

Mega Car crash

Control a powerful vehicle and drive it at full speed while you try to destroy all your opponents! Make sure you face dozens of them and aniquílalos one by one or you will have little chance of victory. Enjoy different scenarios and game modes and feel the adrenaline to the surface with fantastic 3D graphics. Hit the accelerator and have a great time!

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Mcdonalds Introduces New Paper Straws And The Customers Reaction On It

Mcdonald’s, the American fast-food giant, has been receiving numerous complaints by its customers due to the quality of the paper straws it has been serving to its customers. MCD Voice is on a drive to reduce its plastic consumption for a cleaner environment and to appeal to environmentalists. The first initiative it took was to slowly replace the plastic straws (used for drinking soft drinks and various shakes, offered by Macdonald’s) with paper straws. Till now the fast-food giant has been successful in replacing plastic straws with paper in it’s the United Kingdom and Ireland outlets.

The problem

The customers of Mcdonalds have been vehemently complaining about the quality of the paper straws being offered to them, on various social media platforms. Their main issue with paper straws is that it simply isn’t able to perform its intended purpose. Users are pointing to the fact that how difficult it is to drink through it since the straw quickly soaks up the drink and starts to dissolve and leak. Some people have gone as far as to describe their experience of using these straws as – “using an empty toilet roll tube”. Another problem that people have been complaining about these straws is that it is quick to bend irreplaceably on the lightest touch and cannot be brought back to its formal condition.

The discomfort has escalated to the point where people are signing petitions – Asking Mcdonalds to bring back their plastic straws. They are demanding that either the fast-food giant should replace the paper altogether with the previously used plastic straws or should improve the quality of the cardboard used in paper straws. Some are suggesting the use of cellulose or bamboo in the straws so that the straws can still be usable while being eco-friendly.

On the other hand, some people are stating the fact that such a decision will ultimately influence other large manufacturers to take an initiative to reduce their plastic waste. They point out to the fact that this decision by the fast-food behemoth alone would reduce several tons of plastic waste (due to the manufacturing and use of plastic straws) ensuring a cleaner planet in the process.

Macdonald’s response

Mcdonalds have responded by ensuring the users of the quality of the straws being used. Their official statement stated that each straw has been designed such that it could last 30 minutes or more, without dissolving, in the beverages being offered by at their outlets and the pessimistic reports have been about the poor quality of just a handful of straws which escaped their quality checks.

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Technical Writing Trends: Substance vs. Style?

The major objective of a technical writer is to have a balance between substance and style. To explain the difference between these two, let's use the analogy of a cup and water. The water inside the cup being the “substance’, while the cup is the ‘style’.

Now if the water inside the cup is not clean, no matter how clean the cup is, the water is unfit for consumption. Also, if the water is clean but the cup dirty, no one will drink the water even though the water is clean. So we can comfortably say both the cup and the water can influence each other; such is the case of substance and style.

Substance means the real content of the write-up, the technical aspect which deals with accuracy and clarity. While style simply means how readable the writing is, it deals with the smooth flow of the content of the writing. Style is what makes a reader to keep reading a write-up.

Therefore style is very important as a good content (substance) could get passed by if the style is not appropriate. Since the goal of technical writing is to put forward information targeted as a specific group in a clear and relevant manner, a technical writer having understood his audience needs, often develop the best and concise way to pass the information across to the audience.



Take for example a technical writer who needs to write about a change in the process of production of a firm. The first thing he does is to identify and analyze who his audience is – in this case staff directly concerned with production. The technical writer then proceed to give the new information in his writing using words or charts or any other thing that his audience is familiar with and will easily understand.

The ability of the production staff to understand this new production process will therefore depend on how clearly and concisely the technical writer pass across the information in his writing. Technical writer therefore understanding the important of their writing to the firm, spend most of his time on the writing to see to it that his work is readable

Readability therefore becomes what the technical writer aims at. Technical wring has evolved over the time just as other forms of writing.  Today, technical writing could be in any industry which needs to simplify their complex processes or ideas for effective communication. Many technical writers today make use of diagrams, images, videos, bold text, bullet points and the likes to pass across their information.

To produce a good technical writing, the emphasis must be on both the substance and style – the originality of substance and complementary style. The focus of technical writing must be to breakdown complex information into a readable document for a targeted audience to take action on it.




The Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics

Ethics, defined according to the oxford dictionary as “moral principles that control or influence a person's behaviour” are actually our moral compass to keep us from trouble. Ethics could range from personal – where a person set a standard for himself, to business – where rules are followed to enhance productivity, to religion – just as the Ten Commandments in the Bible. The world of computer also has its own rules, known as the ten commandments of computer ethics.

These ten commandments of computer ethics is built on the belief that whatever your mind creates is yours alone, and can only be used by another person if you permit it. The computer ethics institute is actually responsible for the creation of these rules in 1992. The purpose of these commandments is to bring to the awareness of computer users the necessary ethics they need to observe in the use of computer. These commandments are made for all computers users from professionals to common users, from companies to private use.