Mcdonalds Introduces New Paper Straws And The Customers Reaction On It

Mcdonald’s, the American fast-food giant, has been receiving numerous complaints by its customers due to the quality of the paper straws it has been serving to its customers. MCD Voice is on a drive to reduce its plastic consumption for a cleaner environment and to appeal to environmentalists. The first initiative it took was to slowly replace the plastic straws (used for drinking soft drinks and various shakes, offered by Macdonald’s) with paper straws. Till now the fast-food giant has been successful in replacing plastic straws with paper in it’s the United Kingdom and Ireland outlets.

The problem

The customers of Mcdonalds have been vehemently complaining about the quality of the paper straws being offered to them, on various social media platforms. Their main issue with paper straws is that it simply isn’t able to perform its intended purpose. Users are pointing to the fact that how difficult it is to drink through it since the straw quickly soaks up the drink and starts to dissolve and leak. Some people have gone as far as to describe their experience of using these straws as – “using an empty toilet roll tube”. Another problem that people have been complaining about these straws is that it is quick to bend irreplaceably on the lightest touch and cannot be brought back to its formal condition.

The discomfort has escalated to the point where people are signing petitions – Asking Mcdonalds to bring back their plastic straws. They are demanding that either the fast-food giant should replace the paper altogether with the previously used plastic straws or should improve the quality of the cardboard used in paper straws. Some are suggesting the use of cellulose or bamboo in the straws so that the straws can still be usable while being eco-friendly.

On the other hand, some people are stating the fact that such a decision will ultimately influence other large manufacturers to take an initiative to reduce their plastic waste. They point out to the fact that this decision by the fast-food behemoth alone would reduce several tons of plastic waste (due to the manufacturing and use of plastic straws) ensuring a cleaner planet in the process.

Macdonald’s response

Mcdonalds have responded by ensuring the users of the quality of the straws being used. Their official statement stated that each straw has been designed such that it could last 30 minutes or more, without dissolving, in the beverages being offered by at their outlets and the pessimistic reports have been about the poor quality of just a handful of straws which escaped their quality checks.